The Coffee Guy

Guy Chaston has dabbled in many jobs, lifestyles and adventures in his life, always following his heart and passion to do what he loves best.

As a child, he travelled back and forth between Europe and South Africa and nurtured a great love of Spain, but found South Africa to be the home he loved most; full of diversity and potential.

Perhaps it was during his childhood that he developed a love of people and conversations, but it was as a young man in Spain, working as a salesman, that he discovered a fondness for coffee.

Years later, back in Cape Town, the espresso revolution in Cape Town had yet to happen, and Guy still longed for that perfect cup.

Sometimes life happens when we are busy doing other things. And for Guy, his future in coffee began whilst home with a snapped Achilles and a desire to do something new. He found it. A mobile coffee franchise that imported Italian coffee beans and specialised in espresso-based drinks.

He jumped into his new-found love of espresso and parked his trailer at the local BP garage in Sun Valley. Here he stood from 6am to 12pm each day, greeting everyone who passed by, always with a good word to say and often with a free coffee to give. Within a year, Guy became known as The Coffee Guy, and his customers grew from 4 or 5, to over 100.

For 7 years, Monday to Friday, Guy was there and built up an incredibly loyal community of coffee-lovers. And a community it was. The Coffee Guy created a space where everyone was welcome, and where anyone could pull in to have a good conversation with a good cup of coffee; always made exactly the way you love it.

In 2015, Guy stumbled across the opportunity to serve take away coffees at the Noordhoek Farm Village. And then came the question, “Should we roast?”

The Coffee Guy could now find his “perfect cup”. He roasted, tasted , blended and served beans from different continents. Looking for an experience that met with his “first real coffee.”

This he continues to do now.

In 2019, after 4 years with The Village Roast, The Coffee Guy is embarking on a new exploration in Fish Eagle Park, where he continues to blend and create and is always open for a story and a coffee.